Saturday, June 6, 2015

Loooong Time No Post

I can't even believe how long it's been since I've been active on my blog.  I threw myself head first into a new craft (sewing) and have completely neglected to do anything card related in months and months.  I got it in my head I wanted to learn how to quilt.  Fine.  First I needed to make friends with my sewing machine.  My husband bought me a sewing machine a few years ago and we have had a love hate relationship!  I couldn't see to master the simplest of skills such as threading a bobbin much less getting the bobbin where it was supposed to go and actually getting that darn little thread where it belongs.  My daughter tried to show me I don't know how many times and I just couldn't get it.  So I sat down one weekend with my manual and my machine and was determined to get it.  Hours later success and sort of a feeling of finally knowing what I was doing!!  So I've spent a lot of time practicing and making a mess and I've finally got a handle on some of the basics.

I'm sure some of you are laughing at me because I know this is something done everyday by a million people and I just couldn't get it~!!  So I've finally made a couple blankets and I'm still doing lots of learning but I really do enjoy it.  I've also gone back to crocheting which I hadn't done in forever either.  So while I've been creating I just stopped making cards.

Then a girlfriend of mine opened her own business and said "hey, make me some cards I will throw them on the counter and see if they sell".  So back to card making it is.  I literally forgot exactly how much I loved making cards.  So I'm trying to find a balance to do all these crafty things at once and still manage to go to work everyday!  Hope all has been well with all of you and hope to get back into the blogging world also I see I've missed an awful lot of awesome projects on all your blogs! Hugs to you all.

Cute Sassy Cheryl digi colored with Copics.  This little piece of velvet pink ribbon is the last piece I had of it - I don't remember where I got it but it is so pretty and I had been holding on to that last piece!

It's been a really long time since I've participated in a challenge - I entered this into Cute Card Thursday's Summer Colours challenge.

Have a nice weekend everyone~