Sunday, May 24, 2009

Break From Stamping

I haven't made a thing in weeks.......both Mark and I work for the same municipality and it's budget season and well it has not been pretty. We are both union workers and there have rumors of layoffs going round for months. I have been there for much longer so my security is much better but Mark is another story. Hopefully next week we will find out what exactly will happen but I have been so sick with worry that I haven't touched anything. My best bud needed a sympathy card and I did manage to do that but I haven't wanted to do a darn thing. So in case you were wondering that's where I have been - stressed out of my mind!! I know in the end everything will work out but boy oh boy getting there isn't going to be fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day another baseball game today although the forecast is talking about pop up thunderstorms so we will see. Good news is my house is really clean because I can't sit still! Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Cheer you hon! Like you said, things happen for a reason. Stamping makes you happy so GET STAMPING!!!!

    Smile!! :)