Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's Been Years!

I always think it hasn't been that long since I've done something and then I realize just how long it's actually been.  I don't even know if anyone blogs anymore??  I thought I'd take some time while watching football and see when the last time I was on my blog was.  Holy cow!  So I thought while I was here I would look around and starting going through all the links I had and how sad to see so many sites closed.

I feel like people are still head over heels for the crafts they love I just wonder if they don't have time anymore.  So many stores closed also.  Sad.  I also wonder if everyone (myself included) gets all their inspiration from Pinterest now?

I haven't stopped making cards - I have taken some time to teach myself how to sew - I will never be a seamstress heehee!!

Still loving my Copics!

I hope everyone is still out there and creating good stuff!  xo

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