Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thinking of You

So I'm still battling the plague and then we had hurricane Sandy!  Our shoreline in Connecticut took an absolute beating so much devastation.  I'm towards the middle of the State and while we lost power for a few days we were very fortunate.  My folks who are just a couple miles away are hopefully going to get their power back tonight.  We have had some unbelievable weather in the last year and I am hoping we get a break.  My heart goes out to NYC, New Jersey and lower Connecticut it will be a very long recovery for these people.  I did manage to get my card in for this week's challenge at The Stamping Boutique "Thinking of You"
 I know you are probably thinking pig?  I made this card for my dad to give to my mom.  He likes to giver her cards at random times and the deal is he does work around my house that I need help with (mostly painting I hate painting) and I supply him with cards.  I definitely have the better end of the deal!  Hope everyone is having a good week, glad tomorrow is Friday this has been one long week.


  1. a great card Elizabeth and will definately brighten up anyone's day. I am so glad to hear you are all safe from the horrible events taken place this week with you. The weather looked so awful but the fact that you are all safe is what matters. Hope all recover quickly from it and thoughts for all those affected. take care
    x catherine

  2. Elizabeth--so glad you have your power back, and hopefully your parents have it back by now also. This card is just stinkin' cute! That's all I can say about it!!! LOL take care--Patty