Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Valentines Cuties

My craft area is still in a state of destruction as we are painting the downstairs and with the snow there's been lots of overtime being worked in my house and little time to finish the project.  But I did get a couple of cards done.

Both cards done with Copics, both sets of paper I had in my stash and were pieces so I'm not sure who's they are!  Trying to be good and use scraps first before I dig into a brand new piece of paper.  I'm doing well with some of my New Year's resolutions - one was to be more organized so Friday night while Mark was plowing I spent two hours sorting buttons and brads!  I have them sorted much better now (they are all in plastic divided cases and I have I think 16 of them full!) round buttons in one, shaped buttons in other etc.  So it was a pain but worth it!  We got more snow last night and my lil tiny Chihuahua hates it so taking him out has been a nightmare he's such a princess!  LOL Hope everyone has a great Sunday and a good week.  Hugs E

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  1. Elizabeth--these are soooo cute!!! And congratulations on using scraps! I need to make that resolution too! But first I need to organize them so that I know what I have! LOL
    These really are great cards. I finally broke down and ordered some copics, so we'll see how I do with them. I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to do anything with them I'm so used to prismas & baby oil. Anyway, TFS!